Michael doiron - town of woodworth
Michael R. Doiron
Council Member

Greetings, my name is Michael Doiron, I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself to those who may not be familiar with me, and to say “Hi” to those of you who do.

I have lived in Woodworth for just shy of half a century, moving here at around the age of 8 with my parents, Adrien Doiron and Martha Doiron, along with three siblings. Growing up in Woodworth has really been a great adventure. Our town was very small in the early 70’s, just a few hundred people, two small stores, with one of them housing our post office. One of the memorable fun things to do back then was to walk to the store, pick up the mail from the Postmaster, get a soda and sit on the breadbox out front watching people go to and from the store. Playing baseball and soccer for Woodworth are among some of the memories I will cherish for my lifetime.

In the 80’s I worked for the Town of Woodworth, doing everything from maintenance, utilities, and volunteering for our fire department. I have been a member of our fire department for the past 37 years. To see how our fire department started, to what it is today, is absolutely mind blowing. Our fire department went from all volunteer, with borrowed and donated equipment, to having full time firefighters and some of most modern and technologically advanced firefighting equipment in the area.

I married my wife Susan in the mid 80’s, 2018 will mark our 32nd anniversary. We have three children, all grown; the youngest is wrapping up his college education.

In 1990, I made a decision to change career paths, and move into Emergency Medical Services. I have worked in EMS for the past 28 years, currently serving the Central Louisiana area. In 2011, I was appointed by the Governor to the Louisiana Bureau of EMS Certification Commission, serving for 4 years. In 1995 I began working part time for the Rapides Parish Coroner’s Office as an investigator, I still function in this capacity to date.

2002 marked the year I first decided to enter into local politics, running for Town Councilmember. I was fortunate to be elected to this position and still serve as a Councilmember to date. It is my hopes to continue playing a part in the guidance of our town for years to come. I will be seeking re-election on November 6, 2018.

Watching, and participating, in the growth of our town over the years has been simply amazing. Our growth, and the path to that growth, has not been by accident or simple fate. There have been hundreds of thousands of hours dedicated to this path, by your elected officials, our citizens, and the employees of our town.

There has been a multitude of growth indicators for our town over the years. Here are a few highlights.

  • Expansion of population from a few hundred, to a few thousand.
  • Construction of a modern fire station with adequate staffing, including expansion to provide medical first response.
  • Expansion and modernization of water and gas utilities.
  • Development of a public sewer system.
  • Construction of our town hall.
  • Modernization of street drainage.
  • Paving of all roads within our town.
  • Frequent and adequate solid waste sanitation services.
  • Expansion and improvement of police services.
  • Improved Internet access.
  • Improved healthcare accessibility.
  • Addition of elementary and junior high school.
  • Expansion and improvements to our local park.


Each Councilmember provides oversight on select aspects of our community. The position I hold oversees our Fire Department, Information Technology, and Health. My goals are to maintain and expand our Fire Services, seek out true broadband internet access for our area, and to provide support for organizations willing to provide our community with healthcare access.