Charles E. “Chuck” Reich

Charles E. “Chuck” Reich

Council Member

My name is Charles Reich “Chuck” to most. I’m married to my wife Janet for the last 39 years. We have two grown children and three grandchildren. I am an active member of Mary Mother of Jesus Church here in Woodworth. My brother and I have a trucking business in Woodworth that employs around eighty people. I’m a strong believer in God and family.

 I moved back to Woodworth in 1989, was elected and started serving on the Town Council in January of 1991. I have served continuously since that date. I also joined the volunteer fire department and served on it for around eleven years.

A whole lot has changed in the last 30 years. Back then the town was classified as a village. The mayor’s office, utility department, police department, community center and post office were crammed into one small building. The fire department was 1 pumper and an old jeep (the original pumper) and a handful of volunteers. There was no park, school, community center or senior citizen living center. Nor was there a sewage system throughout Woodworth. There were very few houses on Coulee Crossing and the newer subdivisions did not exist.

Woodworth has grown tremendously over the last 30 years and is now classified as a town. We have had vast improvements in our streets and utilities. We are one of the fastest growing communities in Louisiana and yet maintain a very peaceful, clean and safe environment to raise our families. The quality of life here is the reason for the town’s growth.

It takes a unified team effort between the mayor’s office, town council, town employees, fire department and police department to have growth and maintain the quality of life that we have here. I’ve been on the council now for 28 years and am proud to be a part of a dedicated team serving the citizens of Woodworth and directing its growth. Over the years I have been involved in most aspects of the town’s operation. I presently oversee safety, municipal buildings and grounds, and the Rapides Area Planning Commission.

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