Jimmie S. Cranford

Jimmie S. Cranford

Council Member

Dear friends and fellow citizens of Woodworth,

I have been honored that you have trusted me as your town councilman. Woodworth has been my beloved hometown since my youth. My wife, Mavis and I are lifetime residents. We raised our children here and continue to cherish blessed memories. We now have nine grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. Life has taught me that family is one of God’s greatest designs for personal happiness; I believe this is true for you as well. Therefore, our goal must be to preserve our great treasure by keeping it safe and providing for its well-being.

The Town of Woodworth is very important to the family concept I have just described and my goal is to keep it safe and secure for all our residents. Over the decades, I have seen the growth and expansion of our town and it makes me proud. Woodworth has made great progress in promoting and moving not only itself forward, but also the surrounding areas as well. I served as a faithful member and deacon for thirty-two years at Woodworth First Baptist. My wife and I have been at Calvary Baptist in Alexandria for the past twelve years. I know the importance of integrity and commitment required in serving as your councilman. Let’s continue to work together to keep Woodworth a Great Place to Live.

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