Lisa Gunter Aymond

Council Member

Please allow me this means to introduce myself. I am Lisa Gunter Aymond – 42, married to Malcolm James Aymond Jr, my children Ava – 25, Mackenzie – 22, Laryn – 18 and Brayden – 8. My family attend Calvary Baptist in Woodworth. I am a stay at home Mom and current Town Council Member.

I have lived in Woodworth all 42 years where I have watched this town grow to be the beautiful community it is today. I have enjoyed being a part of the growth in the last eight years with the Splash pad, street signs improvement and new sidewalks being constructed. I currently serve on the Woodworth Town Council, Dixie Softball Board and Town of Woodworth Parks and Recreation Committee.

My interests are my family, our seniors, our children and keeping the Town of Woodworth the safe and beautiful place that it is to raise a family and educate our children. I continue to be a great asset to continue my position on the Town Council. I offer a young mind set and a lady’s perspective. Woodworth has always been my home and I want to continue to be a part of its continual growth.

I will continue to offer the Mayor and my fellow Council Members my ideas as it pertains to continuing with sidewalks, growing and maintaining the park, our annual activities and continue my fiscal responsibilities to our citizens.

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