Woodworth Shooting Range


661 Robinson Bridge Rd.
Woodworth, LA 71485

The Woodworth Shooting Range is a FREE, public-use facility owned and operated by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  The Woodworth Shooting Range features a 100 yard rifle range, 50 yard pistol range, 5-stand sporting clays range*,  3-D archery trail, and 50 yard static archery range.

*Charges may apply.

Range Hours and Information

Rifle and Pistol Ranges

Thursday  - Sunday
8:00 A.M.   -   5:00 P.M.

Target frames, paper targets, eye protection, and ear protection are provided.

3-D Archery Trail

Thursday - Sunday
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Static Archery Range

Thursday – Sunday
8:00 A.M.   -   5:00 P.M.

5-Stand Sporting Clays

Thursday & Friday
NOON - 5:00 P.M.

Saturday & Sunday
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 

Cost: $5.00 per round (25 Clays)

Range Rules

  1. All firearms must be unloaded with the actions open prior to entering the range.
  2. The muzzle of all firearms must always be pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Eye and ear protection must be worn when on the shooting range.
  4. No person shall handle firearms or ammunition when the range is cold.
  5. During a cease fire, all firearms must be properly cleared and racked with actions open.
  6. No rapid fire. “Rapid fire” is defined as discharging more than one round per second.
  7. Shooters must pick up their trash, including casings, and dispose of it properly.
  8. Pets are not allowed on shooting ranges.
  9. Only target frames provided may be used, unless approved by range officer on duty.
  10. Shooters may have only one caliber of ammunition at the shooting bench at a time.
  11. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range. Any person who appears by to have been consuming alcoholic beverages or is otherwise impaired shall be expelled from the range.
  12. The use of profane language or language that is derogatory will not be tolerated and may be cause for expulsion from the range.
  13. No tracer or armor piercing rounds may be used. No exploding targets may be used.
  14. All users must abide by direction from the Range Officer. Range Officers are authorized to enforce these rules and expel uncooperative persons from the range or close the range if a situation warrants.

*  Special Note: Range is closed the third Saturday of each month from 8:00 AM to Noon  *

**Range is subject to closure due to special events and holidays.  For the most up to date range information visit us on facebook or visit our website.

Contact Information

Phone: 318-484-2212
Email: rstroede@wlf.la.gov